Why are we here? What’s the meaning of our lives?

The world says there’s no point to the universe; we’re just a collection of random atoms; so you need to create your own meaning in life. Meaning comes from things like what you do, where you live, or who your friends are.

But how does that work out in practice? As long as our lives are going well; as long as things are going good at work; as long as our lives are interesting, it’s not too hard to find meaning. Yet if meaning comes only from our circumstances, then meaninglessness is just one phone call, one lost job, or one bad day away.

But what if the ancient story of creation is true?

What if we’re not a random collection of atoms?

What if there’s a loving creator who not only made everything, but had each of us in mind when he did it, and put a bit of himself into us? If that were true, then everything in life would have meaning. Everything we did would matter. Every moment would be an opportunity to show gratitude to God for the goodness of his creation.

The creation story doesn’t explain everything, of course. It doesn’t completely answer the question of why humans are at once capable of such nobility and such brokenness. But have you checked out Christianity lately? Have you read and studied the story? Have you thought about what you might be missing?

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