“The wolf will live with the lamb….”  Isaiah 11:6

This is actually the premise of Zootopia, the animated Disney film released last spring. In the animal world of Zootopia, predators no longer eat prey. Everyone gets along.

Has the prophecy of Isaiah finally come true?

Not quite.

Prey may not be getting eaten, but discrimination and bigotry are alive and well. When the hero, a bunny cop named Judy Hopps, casually mentions that predators may be reverting back to their “natural state,” she causes fear to spread across Zootopia. The fragile peace between predators and prey is threatened.

I was surprised at how un-politically correct this movie was; the characters constantly label each other with negative stereotypes. But when you get beneath the stereotypes, you discover that lambs are not so innocent and foxes are not all bad.

I hate to speak so seriously about a fun movie, but lately it seems like every day brings another story about the tragic divisions in our country. Every day, well-meaning people of all races call on us all to get along. But how? On our own, we can’t will away our differences any more that a leopard can change its spots.

But what if something happened that was of such cosmic significance, it made our differences pale in comparison? This is the claim of the magnificent Christ hymn of Colossians 1:15-20. The one who created us, became one of us, died for us, and came back from the dead for us.

The most creative minds in the entertainment industry could never dream up a story like this. It’s the only thing which can bring us together.

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