A little crazy

I heard today about a minister who knocked on the door of every single person in his congregation this fall and told them who they ought to vote for. The pastor’s efforts evidently fell short because the candidate lost. Undeterred, this pastor took to the streets to protest and has promised to keep it up until justice is done.

Now, it seems to me that pastors ought to avoid politics. Our primary job is to point to Jesus, and so this fall I tried to help our folks see Jesus at work in the political process, not tell them who to vote for.

And yet, this election has made a lot of people more than a little crazy. I don’t recall a time like this, ever. How do we process it?

Consider this. We love to stand up for the hurting and the marginalized. We love to stand up for minorities of all kinds because it’s SO OBVIOUS that injustice is being done to them. Of course.

But we also like to think that we’re good people. We believe in human progress. We think that life is supposed to make sense. We think we’re in control of our lives. And so when injustice strikes US–good, reasonable, thoughtful people–we can go a little crazy.

But who said life is supposed to make sense? It doesn’t. Remember what happened in the Garden of Eden? We’re fallen creatures. Since then, lots of things have happened that make no sense.

But Advent reminds us that sense is making a comeback. Jesus is coming. Swords are going to be beaten into farming tools.  WE may be helpless to set things right, but God isn’t.

Believe it. It might keep you from going crazy.

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