Heart of the city

I often wonder if the folks who dedicated our beautiful church building could have imagined the changes the city has seen over the last 111 years. A century ago, the city was a dirty and gritty industrial giant. Downtown was home to factories and factory workers. Back then, they carved the worship times in stone on the front wall of the church, never imagining the day when faith would no longer be the center of civic life.

But today, Pittsburgh is back.

Over ten billion dollars in investments have poured into the area around this church in the last decade; over a hundred million this year.

Where else would you put a church today?

With faith no longer the center of people’s life, we have an amazing opportunity to live and speak God’s truth into the heart of the city. More than ever, people need to hear the Good News of the Savior’s birth, and the message that God is still making everything new.

Most livable city? For whom?

We’re proud that Pittsburgh continues to be recognized for things like the country’s “Most Livable City.” But there are still thousands all around us for whom Pittsburgh is not yet livable at all.

That’s why God has us here.

In the New Year, we hope to grow our ministries of service and compassion, and lift up the hurting people of Pittsburgh. As always, we will speak God’s truth in a thoughtful and winsome way.

Will you join us?

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