New reality

Over the last year and a half we’ve lost so much, and for most of the time we haven’t even been able to process our grief properly.

Loved ones got sick and we couldn’t hold their hand.

Those close to us passed away and we couldn’t hold a funeral…or a wake.

People suffered alone because there was nothing else to do.

The first Easter began with the women getting up before dawn and going to the tomb with spices to pack around Jesus’ body.

What an awful thing to have to do.

But at least it was something.

Over the last year and a half nearly every one of us has had to confront the reality of tombs, the actual ones and the metaphorical kind.

So many of us have had to confront the reality of life without a loved one, or without a job, or without the business we worked hard to build.

Dreams were buried. 

Look, I don’t have any snappy answers to make it all go away; but I do know this: When the women got to the tomb that morning, they experienced a new reality. 

The tomb was empty.

And Jesus met them. 

He told them not to be afraid. 

And he gave them something new to do. He said, “Go and tell.”

You’ve got new work. You’re not packing spices around the dead; you’re proclaiming new life.

All those tombs we’re facing are real, but because of the resurrection, we can see them in a different way.

Tombs don’t have the last word.

In Jesus Christ, we will always have something new to do.

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