Immeasurable worth

Rachel Denhollander is the former gymnast and lawyer whose faith gave her the courage to expose the abuses of Olympic Team doctor Larry Nassar. She told her story in the 2019 book, What Is a Girl Worth?  Rachel has also written children’s books, one for girls and one for boys. She wants children to understand that they are of infinite worth because they are made in the image of God.

In this time of mental health crisis, we ought to get Rachel’s books and read them again and again.

Even if we don’t have kids.

Here’s an excerpt from How Much Is a Little Girl Worth?

How much, how much are you worth precious girl?

How much is a little girl worth?

More than the sun and the moon and the sky.

More than the shimmering sea.

All the beautiful treasures of earth… (God says)

You are worth more than all that to me.

You’re beautiful, worthy, and you should be loved…

Because of all that you are.

Different from anything else in the world.

You are precious beyond all the stars.

You bear God’s image—mind, body, and soul.

Lovingly made to be perfect and whole…

…Your value is found not in what you can do

Or the things you accomplish and win.

It is found in how you were made precious girl…

Created and cherished by Him.

Your worth cannot fade; it will not go away.

It is not changed a bit by what happens today.

No one and nothing can make you worth less.

Just what is your value? You don’t have to guess.

No one has power to change what God’s done,

And he says you’re worth everything, even his Son.

Worth all the pain, worth great sacrifice,

Worth leaving heaven, worth giving his life.

How much, how much are you worth precious girl?

How much is a little girl worth?

Worth so much more than all my words could say.

No one and nothing can take that away.

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