This summer, Jana and I took a long driving vacation out west. We love to experience the beauty of the wide-open spaces. We hadn’t planned to visit Mount St. Helens, but our friends thought we should see it. We were glad we did.

Mount St. Helens is an active volcano in the State of Washington. Its last major eruption was in 1980. The top of the mountain one mile wide and about 1300 feet deep blew off. The blast killed 57 people, damaged 230 square miles of land, and destroyed 158 miles of road.

The mountains of the west are stunningly beautiful, but there’s something about Mount St. Helens that brings you up short. The beauty, combined with knowing the power suddenly unleashed there, demands you stop and reflect.

In Psalm 27, King David said there was one thing he longed for that would put all the dangers and hurts of life in perspective: “To gaze upon the beauty of the Lord.”

Jana and I took an hour or so to gaze at Mount St. Helens to remind ourselves…

What kind of artist imagined this?

What kind of power did this?

What kind of healing power brought the life back?

Are you gazing on the beauty of the Lord?

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