For your good

I’ve shown thousands of people around our church building. They marvel at the place. They say it’s one of the most beautiful places they’ve ever seen.

And for the vast majority, it doesn’t seem to change them. But I pray that God used me to plant a seed of faith that the Holy Spirit can make grow.

Look around this place. Look at the windows. Look at the pulpit. 

Listen to the way the organ and percussion thunder.

What was the congregation 120 years ago experiencing when they built this place? 

Or, more precisely, who were they experiencing? 

They wanted this place to point to a reality that so many are out of touch with. 

In John 16:7, with the minutes ticking down until his betrayal, Jesus said, “It’s actually for your good that I’m going away.”

How could that be? 

What could be better than being in the presence of the Living God? 

It turns out that the work of the Holy Spirit in us is even better. 

Creation was about to be reborn. Something was about to die, but something new was about to rise. It was like the pangs of birth. Something was going to happen that made the agony worth it.

It’s the Holy Spirit working in us that this place points to.

It’s the Holy Spirit working in us, killing us off and raising us again, that this place points to.

If that makes no sense, give it time.

It’s all up to the Spirit in you and it’s all on the Spirit’s timing. 

You cannot expect to be reborn on your schedule any more than you could expect to be born the first time on your schedule. 

Quit treating God as your personal assistant.

Keep showing up here for worship, even when you don’t feel like it.

Especially when you don’t feel like it.

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