Worth the wait

First-year cadets at the service academies are expected to know the number of days until graduation for themselves and the three classes ahead of them. They’re expected to recite this information anytime an upperclassman asks.

I’m not sure of the military necessity for this, but future leaders do need to learn attention to detail. They must also learn to never give up, even when something takes a long time and is very hard.

As much as I hate to wait (a lot), I admit that very few of the important things in life came to me overnight, or easily. I am willing to wait if I think what I’m waiting for is worth it.

It took 1443 days for the Air Force to make me into a 2nd lieutenant, and about 7000 more to make me into a colonel. You can go online and buy officer insignia, but without all those days, and all the things that happen in them, the insignia won’t tell the truth of who you are.

It’s the same when it comes waiting on God. Most of us would rather not. But if we let him, God will make us into the persons he created us to be. How long that will take, we will never know.

But we can be sure it will be worth the wait.